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          Your Potential


          Every School has its own traditions, its own ethos, its own identity, and its own purpose.  The purpose of Westcliff High School for Boys (WHSB) is to provide an excellent education for our pupils, supporting them in their journey to adulthood by developing character and intellect within a happy and scholarly community.

          To this end WHSB provides exceptional teaching and a wealth of extra-curricular activities to develop the Learner Profile attributes in our pupils through a unique education filled with exciting, challenging and enjoyable experiences.

          It is one hundred years or so since some ...

          Latest News

          The Westcliff Week - Issue 16 - 13 July 2020

          The Westcliff Diary

          Discover Your

          Learner Profile

          The WHSB Learner Profile outlines the attributes that every student should strive towards.

          Upcoming Events

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